Terms & Conditions

We treat our customers fairly. As such, these terms and conditions are not full of legal terminology. We intend to provide good value to our customers, so they remain customers for many years. These terms and conditions are basic protections for us and the customer.

  1. Access to any school site is restricted to authorized users only. We will assist our customers in prosecuting any person(s) who access the site in an unauthorized or malicious manner.

  2. We do not sell or otherwise use your information except for the purposes of providing Silent Dismissal services, troubleshooting, or improving the application. We may make periodic backup copies of your data for recovery in the event of catastrophic failure, but at no time will we presume to own your information.

  3. Paid service contracts continue through August 31st following the contracted school year. The service may be used during both the normal school year and during the summer for other activities such as summer programs) up to the limit of the number of purchased student licenses.

  4. Each customer shall have either the option of a no obligation trial period or potentially a discounted service rate without a trial period or as a renewal customer. No refunds will be given for cancellation of services nor a reduction in student licenses purchased once services have been purchased for the current school term.

  5. We strive to provide a consistently functioning and available service to all of our clients, however the service involves complex technology that relies upon multiple service providers -both wired and wireless- so we make no guarantees as to the availability of the service at any time nor do we guarantee that the service is suitable for any particular purpose. This exclusion is in every software and hardware agreement, but they are usually so long that you never get to this point in the terms before accepting them. We will not stay in business if we do not provide good value, but this statement simply protects us from lawsuits.


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