Extended Care management goes far beyond just after care student tracking. It includes all of the necessary components to make managing and billing for all services beyond normal schooling simple and easy.


Take a look at what ExtendedCare has to offer for your school.

Unlimited Rate Groups

Create as many different daily rate groups as are required to support the entire student body. Create full price after care groups for normal use, a lower rate or free after care group for students in enrichment programs, and a premium after care group for drop in students. Assign students to the groups by day of the week or assign them at time of checkin. Each rate group can also have a different late time and late rate.

Morning Care, After Care, Summer Care, Weekend Care

Designate individual groups as before, or morning, care with automatic check out time and distinct daily rates. Manage summer programs with different fees and check out times. There is no limit to the number of groups which means the ultimate in flexibility.

Check Out and Automated Daily Late Fees

Configure late fee calculation based upon time the student is called for release or the time the student actually leaves the facility. Set a per minute rate for each group or set the system for no late fees to be calculated. Daily reports provide point-and-click options to credit late fees for the total amount, a percentage of the total, or a fixed dollar amount. Apply credits in the current billing cycle or at any later date.

Student Discounts

Set automated individual student discounts reduced or free services that are automatically applied and credited at check in. For example, for a $10 daily extended care rate, one student may receive a 5% discount for automatic draft withdrawal and another student may receive a 50% fee reduction for another reason. When each child is checked in, they will have the full $10 fee recorded and automatically have a $0.50 or $5.00 credit adjustment recorded, also.

Enrichment Program Tracking and Alerts

Define enrichment groups by time, day of the week, and student participants. Each day at the set time an alert with the roster of students appears for staff and a single click allows all students to be assigned to a new location.

Specialized Student Notes

Record individual student notes such as allergies or medications. These notes appear adjacent to each student record allowing staff to easily accommodate special student requirements.

Student Location Tracking

Create unlimited locations independent of extended care groups for identifying where students are presently located such as gym, playground, tutoring, tennis courts, etc.

Standard After Care and Missed Transportation Aftercare

After checking in students who have been designated for extended care, additional students who may have missed their transportation may be checked into after care using either a standard group or an optional group at either a higher or rate.

Event Prepay

Create events such as a field trips or festivals, send the event to one or more grade levels for parents to pay in advance. At event check in, these students may be admitted at the lower rate; other students attending who have not prepaid may be checked into a separate group at a higher rate to be added to the parent account.

Item Prepay

As with events, items that must be ordered in advance may be prepaid for later pickup. Students obtaining the item later may pay a higher fee in person either in cash or by putting the fee on the account balance. Example items include a year book or field day shirts.

Online Store

Sell any item, either on site or ordered to students and parents via an on-line store. Items can range from spirit wear to financial donations to school supplies. Keep a record items purchased to be picked up in the local store or deliver directly to classrooms.

Positive or Negative Balances

Require students to maintain a credit balance for use or invoice after fees have been incurred.

Invoice - e-mail, printed, or via web portal

Generate invoices or tax statements with a press of a button for printing, or send directly via e-mail, or allow access at all times via Silent Dismissal Parent Web.

Online Payment

Pay via credit card or PayPal, deposited directly into the school account. Create a PayPal account to allow parents to pay on-line using either a credit card or a PayPal account. There is no cost create an account; pay only the transaction fees charged by PayPal – Silent Dismissal does not charge an additional. Optionally increase the prices charges to cover the cost of on line payments.

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