How can I afford this and how do I pay for it?

Parent organizations can be a source of funding along with other novel approaches such as auctioning preferred dismissal spots on a yearly or semester basis. We accept payment via check or on line with a credit card.

My school has special considerations for dismissal, will this work for us?

Believe it or not, nearly every school believes their dismissal is unique, but it is rarely the case. With over one million student dismissal actions we have a wealth of experience and features to support those needs. If your school does have a dismissal requirement that is new and unique, we’ll add it to our software at no cost to you then make it available to all of our clients.

Our dismissal is complex. Can a system work for us?

The more complex your dismissal, the more you need an automated system. If dismissal was exactly the same every day, then it would be simple to create a repeatable process, but dismissal is just a little bit different each day, and an electronic system can quickly adjust to those daily changes.

Our enrollment changes from year to year; how do I decide how many licenses to purchase?

This questions confronts all of us whenever we are planning in advance. We automatically grant a 2% license buffer to account for minor enrollment variations, but for major variations there are two options. When renewing early for the lowest price, it makes better economic sense to purchase a few extra licenses at the lower price. Alternatively, additional licenses may be purchased later but those are charged based upon the date of purchase, so it is usually advisable to purchase a few extra up front.

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