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Parents today can be stretched thin between their obligations to their children and other aspects of their lives. Many do not have enough spare time to make daily calls and write notes to the school office regarding their child’s dismissal, but with Silent Dismissal the hassle is diminished with our supportive features for parents.

Using our Parent App or by accessing your school’s Silent Dismissal portal, parents can actively participate in their children’s dismissal. Whether you need your child to ride the bus, get picked up by another adult, or attend an after school activity, this can be changed and recorded within seconds.

Take a look at what Silent Dismissal has to offer for parents below.


Safe dismissal

Adults participating in pick-up are required to provide correct information to depart with a student. Your child's safety and well-being is important to us, and this feature assures students depart with the correct people.

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Full Control

Authorize changes and/or overrides for your child's dismissal at the touch of a button. All records are stored securely to hold your child's school accountable without the frustration of phone calls or paper notes.


Stay Connected

Send messages and receive alerts pertaining to your child when they are at school. Do away with the hassle of calling the front office to remind Susie to bring her lunch-box home.


Wait Less

With the help of analytics, Silent Dismissal allows schools to decrease parent wait times, ensuring that your day is not wasted sitting in line.

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