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New Customers

New customers may generate a customized quotation on-line that reflects specific features and quantities desired. For conveniance, a payment invoice is also generated should you wish to obtain service.

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Existing Customers

Existing customers are elligble for a lower rate when renewing service for subsequent years. Enter your school code in the field below to generate your invoice. The school code is the first part of your URL as in http://yourschool.sdcs1.com, the code is "yourschool". This value is also shown in the third field on the sign in page or is automatically filled in when you sign in as an administrator then navigate to Tools / Pay Bill.

Price List

Prices per student for entire school year with service ending on August 31 for Dismissal Student Licenses.

List Price New On-Line Customer Renewal before May 31 Renewal before July 15 Renewal before August 31 Renewal after September 1
$4.99 $2.39 $1.79 $2.39 $2.99 $3.19

Additional Services that may be added at any time and continue through July 15 of each year.

Extended Care Management $8.49 Price per student. Non-transferrable licenses. Includes parent web access for students enrolled in Extended Care
Parent Web Access $1.99 Price per student. Included for students enrolled in extended care. Purchase as many or as few licenses as needed.

Pricing Logic

We price our product based upon what it costs to provide our service at the lowest possible cost to our clients. For the electronic service this includes items such as storage space, bandwidth, and CPU cycles; for the personal service this includes the time required to set up, administer, and support our clients.

We have found that pricing on a per student basis provides the best approximation of costs as the number of groups and teachers scales directly with the number of students.

For our large clients the relative amount of support time is lower, but other items such as bandwidth are higher because they are involved in dismissal for a longer duration each day. The opposite is true for our smaller clients. Our pricing reflects the best possible amount for the typical enrollment size we serve.

Transferrable Licenses

We don't tie you into a license for student name for Silent Dismissal.If a student leaves your school, that license is available for a new, incoming student. It doesn't cost us for the student who unenrolled, so we don't charge you. Applies to Silent Dismissal and Parent Web,does not apply to After Care Licenses.

Minimum Service Price

Due to some fixed costs that we simply can't avoid, we do have a minimum annual service price of $250.00 for a school. Only very few schools with both small enrollments and early renewal discounts will be affected by this requirement.

Date Based Pricing

When you renew service earlier it gives us the flexibility to aggregate our service purchases to get a lower cost which we can pass on to you.


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