Silent Dismissal solves all student tracking outside of the normal school day: dismissal, buses, extended care, parent changes, field trips, check in, bi-directional notifications, and invoicing.

"Daily dismissal without an electronic system leads to frustration and anguish."

End of day dismissal is akin to putting 500 tiny passengers on 350 planes in 15 minutes at a small airport with only a few gates where none of the planes have gate assignments or scheduled departure times. Would you want to manage that airport with a bullhorn or an intercom? Certainly not.

Extend the analogy further to passengers whose travel plans change, or planes that don't show up, or pilots who don't follow the rules and you will quickly realize that managing daily dismissal without an electronic system readily leads to frustration and anguish.

Imagine instead the airport described above with quiet and calm departure lounges (the classrooms) where the passengers (the students) can go about their business until the plane (the parents car or school bus or daycare van) lands. When the plane lands, its arrival is notified to the affected passengers (students) on a large display with their passenger name and departure gate (specific car line loading zone). The passengers (students) can then pick up their carry on luggage (book bags), walk to the departure gate where the gate attendants (dismissal staff) will assist them in finding their assigned seat.



The base Silent Dismissal service provides for dismissal display in classrooms with an unlimited number of groups - buses, daycare vans, clubs, teams; messaging, reminder prompts, parent tracking, daily scheduling, overrides, and more. Details

Extended Care


Extended Care service provides a simple touch interface to collect student check in records for billing for both before and after care. Unlimited number of of care groups with different rates and end times, automated late fee calculation, PDF billing reports for printing or e-mail, account tracking for regular fees, late fees, or any other manually entered fees. Account balances available at any time and end of week or monthly invoices available without requiring any additional effort.Details



Parents are an important part of dismissal, whether they are picking up students or defining what children do at the end of the school day. Silent Dismissal provides parents unprecedented control while simultaneously relieving staff of tedious work. Parents may set the on-going dismissal method by day of the week or enter individual daily overrides, including the ability to ride home with a friend. Changes from the school may be notified to mobile devices and subsequent resolution may be performed by parents directly from their smart phone. Parents can post reminder messages to their children and call for pick up from a smart phone when located with prescribed geo-fence boundaries. Details

Latest News
May 2016

Extended Care Simplify extended care tracking and dismissal from extended care. Invoices available for print, e-mail, or on-line with on-line account payment via credit card or PayPal directly into the school bank account.

Student Reminders Parents can now send a short message of up to 15 characters that will appear adjacent to a student name during dismissal, such as "Science Book", "Permission Slip", or "Band Instrument" to remind the student at the end of the day of items at school that need to brought home.

On-Line Store A on-line store offering items ranging from shirt and hats to pencils and water bottles can be set up by school staff. Parents can purchase the items via the web site to be either delivered to the classroom or otherwise picked up by students.


Silent Dismissal has features to support quiet and efficient end of day dismissal with quantitative measurements for engineering improved behavior among all particpants that results in improved dismissal efficiency, reduced stress, and increased satisfaction.

Dismissal staff need to let students know when their transportation has arrived to pick them up. Historically this has been done with bullhorns, intercoms, or radios; creating a disruptive and stressful environment for staff and students alike. Moreover, when information is not heard or understood, it creates confusion and delays. Too often everyone is bombarded with irrelevant information and subsequently unable to hear information that applies to them.

Silent Dismissal remedies all of these problems by providing a simple method for transportation arrival to be recorded and disseminated to the appropriate individuals, without noise or confusion.

Silent Dismissal advances this concept further by providing mechanisms for recording and displaying non-standard changes to those persons affected, using names rather than obscure numbers or codes.


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